Derian Van Volkinburg is a limited edition collection created for women who love beautifully crafted, comfortable clothes but don’t want to make a fuss about them. It is inspired by both the creative, spirited woman whose love of fashion does not bind her to its rules and the deep, rich heritage of classic menswear. Crafted from the finest fabrics and built to last, bearing in mind an understated femininity and playfulness, our hope is that these garments will be the ones you reach for day after day, year after year.


Each collection is a limited run of no more than 16 pieces for each style offered. In an effort to play a part in reducing industry-wide waste, fabrics are sourced from dead stock suppliers as often as possible and most pieces are made-to-order, which means we can easily accommodate any bespoke needs you might have.


All design, development and production is done by Derian Lonigan under one roof in our studio in the beautiful mid-coast town of Bath, Maine. She is a native Oregonian who has lived coast to coast and abroad, gleaning a wealth of knowledge and influence from the various communities she has been a part of. Although her official design training took place at Otis School of Art and Design in Los Angeles, Derian learned to sew as a young child. She continued honing her craft with the help of her grandmother who instilled in her a great appreciation for fabric as an art medium and an inspiration. That is why she chose to use her maiden name for the label - as an act of recognition to those who helped her and the brand become what they are today.